3 minute Wandu Appa in a microwave

Wandu appa is a sweet dish which is prepared from the left over hopper mixture.

Traditional way of making this dish is steaming the mixture using Jackfruit leaves.  It takes time and a little bit of a hassle if you don’t know the exact way of preparation. Today I’m going to show how to make this traditional wandu appa using a microwave oven.

It only takes 3minutes in the microwave and you can taste the absolute delicious sweet.

Step 1

You can use the leftover hopper mixture or use the following method.

Add some rice flour and mix some coconut water to make a smooth paste. Keep the dough for overnight or at least 4hours.

Add coconut milk to make a fine paste and add some salt to taste.

Step 2

Add grated Jaggery into the hopper mixture and with the help of a spoon add all together until there are no lumps. Add some grated coconut as well. 

Step 3

Put the mixture into separate bowls and set the microwave for 3minutes in medium heat.

Garnish with some plums and scraped coconut and serve with some hot tea. 


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