Importance of having good breakfast

Breakfast means breaking fast after overnight fasting. Studies have found that the best time to eat breakfast is within 2 hours of waking up. Usually we have got used to having a quick and a small breakfast as the schedule is too tight, and we don’t want to waste our time. Most people seeking fast food as an alternative to save time. That’s a big NO-NO for you. The breakfast should be healthy and filled with nutrition. 

You can easily have oatmeal, Smoothies, A toast with some eggs and avocado, Breakfast Muffins, Some fruits, Egg White omelet likewise there are more than hundreds of variations that you can choose from which will take less than 5 mins of your time.

By eating a healthier breakfast in the morning, there are plenty of advantages we can have. Studies have shown that it helps improve memory and get boosted metabolism. Also, kids, as well as adults, need to regain their energy to have an active day ahead. Breakfast is an essential way of making that happen. 

Breakfast is not only associated with weight-related concerns, but recent studies have shown that it helps reduce heart diseases. Studies demonstrated that having a chunk of chocolate is good during breakfast. It helps to be productive and helps with weight loss. New research now shows that having chocolate cake early in the morning could be a perfect way to start the day, but you have to be mindful in selecting a bar of chocolate with good quality, not every chocolate is right for you. 

This helps with maintaining a good mood throughout the day, Reduce risk of heart disease, Anti-obesity, and Anti-Diabetic effects are some of the important things to know if you have chocolate for your breakfast. Who doesn’t love eating chocolate, right?

Most countries as a habit eat various breakfast meals. 

  • INDIA: Breakfasts in India their breakfast is crowded with breads like dosa, roti, or idli.
  • ITALY: A hot cappuccino and brioche slathered with jam or stuffed with chocolate.
  • JAPAN: Traditional breakfasts include miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetables, and proteins.
  • UNITED STATES: Eggs, potatoes, and bacon or sausage is the common trinity in USA.
  • SRI LANKA: Milk Rice, Steamed Hoppers, Rice and Curry etc are some of the famous breakfast dishes in Sri Lanka.
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