Lime pie

Lime pie is an American dessert dish invented in the early 20’s. It’s a traditional dish made with condensed milk, Egg yolks, and lime. The texture is so smooth that it is much wanted in any of the get-togethers or cultural events in the USA. The mixture did not require baking in the early stage because of the chemical reaction of the milk and lime made it thicken without even baking. But now a days it is required to bake for a short while to cook the eggs.

According to Wikipedia The annual Key Lime Festival started in Key West, Florida in 2002. It is held every year over the July 4 weekend and is a celebration of the use of Key limes in food, drinks, and culture.

  • Graham Crackers/Semi Sweetened biscuits
  • 50g Butter
  • A small can of Condensed Milk (I use half a tin of Large condensed milk Tin) – Approx 500g
  • Half/Quarter cup of Lime Juice (This can be adjusted according to your taste)
  • Quarter cup of Milk
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • Lime zest

First let’s make the crust out of the semi sweetened biscuits. Add the biscuits to a grinder and grind it well until there are no lumps. Add the melted butter into this and mix it until both butter and the biscuits are well combined.
Arrange a baking tray and cover it with aluminum foil. This makes it easier to remove. Add the prepared biscuit mixture like shown in the picture. Bake the crust for 10 mints.

For the filling, add the egg yolks, condensed milk and lime juice and whisk it for 2 mints. Add some lime zest and pour it into the baking tray. Bake this until the egg yolks are cooked. This will take 10-15 mins. Remove from the oven and place in a refrigerator until it can be served. You can decorate it with more lime zest and some whipped cream on top.

This is a simple yet delicious pie which can be served for your family or in your next family function.

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